Academy Development Plan

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The Academy Development Plan provides a framework of improvements negotiated and agreed by governors, senior leadership members and staff at Lacey Green.

Our aim in the plan is to build on a comprehensive review of current best practice and progress made towards existing targets, taking into account national initiatives, the last Ofsted inspection and external audits.

It provides a detailed two year (2018-2020) programme for the vision and development of the Academy, and includes future areas for development and beyond.

An outline of what we are focussing on can be seen below:

Pupil Achievement and Standards: Outcomes for Pupils

  • Writing: To raise attainment in writing across the whole school to ensure that all pupils make the expected progress+

  • EYFS: To further improve attainment at the end of the EYFS Phase, with a particular emphasis on improving the overall percentage of children leaving the Early Years Foundation Stage with Good Level of Development (GLD)

  • Disadvantaged Groups: To ensure that all groups of children, particularly disadvantaged children, make outstanding progress from their starting points in both Writing and Maths and that the gap between these children and others is narrowed in attainment.

  • Pupil Premium: To have a robust tracking and monitoring system of pupil achievement in place to immediately identify pupils who are under achieving and target effective intervention and support to accelerate progress towards age related expectations.

  • Greater Depth at Year 6: To increase the number of children achieving the Greater Depth Standard at the end of Key Stage 2.


Quality of Teaching

  • Assessment: To embed outstanding practice for deep questioning, collaboration, marking and use of assessment for learning.

  • Writing: To monitor the impact of the new writing strategies that have been implemented across the whole Academy to ensure progress in writing is rapid across all classes.

The Behaviour & Safety of pupils: good personal development, behaviour and welfare

  • Growth Mindset and Developing Resilient Learners - To embed the main growth mindset strategies as a school. To ensure that all staff and pupils understand the principles and the value of a growth mindset.

  • Establish a set of core values that truly reflect the Lacey Green ethos - Continual reinforcement of the values across the school environment.


Leadership and management

  • Management Capacity: To develop and embed the role of middle leaders (EYFS / Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2) ensuring that the leadership and management of the phases is impacting on the overall standards across the Academy and having a positive impact on pupil outcomes.

  • School Direct – To continue to grow our Teaching Alliance and work with our partner schools in the Optimus Teacher Training Alliance and Manchester Metropolitan University.
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