Humanities - Creative Learning Journey


A broad range of History and Geography topics are taught through Key Stages 1 and 2, often delivered in a cross-curricular way. Skills  and knowledge are acquired through investigation and enquiry in the local community and visits around the country.

Many aspects of History and Geography are studied through stories, documents, looking at and handling evidence and by talking to older members of the family and the community.

In  addition, we look carefully for trips to assist in bringing History and Geography alive, some examples include Styal Mill (Victorians), Chester (Romans), Tatton Park Old Hall (Tudors) and the Chestnut Centre (Habitats). These visits enable our pupils to take part in activities incorporating art, drama, architecture, museum displays and artefacts etc, providing the stimulus for further related study. Year 2 stay overnight at Kingswood Residential Centre. Year 4 visit Robinwood in Todmorden. Annually the Years 5 and 6 pupils visit Boreatton Park in Shropshire for a school week. The school also uses the local area in studies, including the Parish Church and the garden centre.       

Enthusiasm in this area of the curriculum is generated and maintained through the use of a variety of approaches and resources. Pupils' interest, understanding and appreciation of History and Geography is enhanced through the use of Internet resources, iPads, artefacts, documents including photographs and census returns, food, visitors into and out of school, museums and interactive sites. Maximum possible use is made of the local area.

Our classes enjoy lots of Geography activities both in their classroom and out and about around the school. Geographical skills are acquired and expanded through topic work. We endeavour to develop a progression of skills, including Geographical enquiry and investigation in the local community and visits around the country. 

The children are encouraged to read and use maps, plan routes, understand the different types of landscapes and to investigate contrasting localities including studies within their own community.


The Tate Gallery Website has lots of arty activities to try.
REMEMBER, ask your parents before clicking on this link