New Starters 2020

This section is for Parents and Carers who have children starting in Reception at school in September 2020. Below are answers to the questions submitted during the Zoom presentations or afterwards to the email address. At the bottom of the page are some key downloadable documents, including the presentation from the Zoom meetings.

Questions and Answers:

Will the full curriculum be delivered as normal or will the range of subjects be reduced as a result of coronavirus?
On current guidance from the DfE about the EYFS the full curriculum will be planned for; excluding assemblies and singing.


Are extra-curricular after school clubs available as normal in September?

There will be no after school activity clubs on offer for Reception during the Autumn term.

How do current safety measures impact on the environment and resources available for children to use?
All the usual resources for Reception will be available. Resources will be cleaned regularly throughout the day. Large outside apparatus will be used by both Reception classes and will be washed down at the end of each day.


We returned the form booking breakfast club and after school club places but didn’t get any acknowledgement of this. When will we know if she has a place as this effects my working pattern?
An email will be sent out by Friday, 17th July to confirm places.

You mentioned kids can be in a bubble of 30. Does this mean that a child can only mix with their own class as that is 30? Or can R1 and R2 mix with each other at breaks/lunch?
Although each class will be in their own Bubble of 30 children current guidance from the Government is that year group Bubbles can mix. All 60 Reception children will share the outside play area and will mix in the Dining room and in Breakfast and After school club.

What does my child need to bring (if anything at all!) on her first day to school?
We would like them to bring an identifiable named drinking bottle and PE kit in their PE bags. Drinking bottles will be returned home at the end of each day to be cleaned ready to bring into school the next day.


The email about breakfast club said it ran from 7.30 - 8.35am - presumably it will run until 9am for reception during covid?
Breakfast club is managed and run by school staff so they will need to be in their classrooms by 8.40am. All children in Breakfast club will be accompanied to their classroom and will stay in their own classroom with their teacher/TA until all the children come into school.

Should children wear their full school uniform for the half day settling sessions?
Yes – we feel that because the children will be in school full time the following week it will give them a sense of belonging to the school like the other children and will get them used to wearing the full school uniform.

Can cycle storage facilities be provided to help reduce vehicle usage near the site?
For the safety of ALL pupils in school it is our policy not to allow children to cycle to school therefore there are no facilities for bicycles in school. Reasons for this is due to the high volume of traffic and parking in the roads immediately around the school. Additionally, there will be children who might choose to ride to school unaccompanied and without the wearing full protection equipment.

Mrs Dooley commented that school uniforms should have been picked up; we’ve submitted a request but not received notification that payment is due or that it is available for collection. Please can you provide clarity on this issue.
The office has stated that as far as they know all parents have been contacted about payment and collection. If you have not received this contact, then please speak to the office.

Further to the direction of 0900 start, this isn’t reflected in the registration for breakfast clubs. Please can you send our written clarification of breakfast club times for reception classes or how parents might be able to provision for 0900 start (most jobs start at 0900)
Please see answer above about Breakfast club and the times. There is no alternative provision for parents who do not choose to access the Breakfast club and have to be in work for 9am. Due to all the year groups staggered start during COVID-19 school for Reception will start at 9am.

Please can you also provide written clarification on the updated school schedule under COVID arrangements; i.e. when school is scheduled to end (based on staggered start/end times). Please also include the schedule for once COVID arrangements have been lifted so that parents can provision for a quick change in scheduling.
The timings of the school day during COVID and after COVID are on the Powerpoint presentation which is now on the website. Drop off will be at 9:00am and the pick up time from September 2020 until further notice for Reception will be 3:00pm.

The collection time for Reception AFTER COVID will revert back to 3:10pm pick up and we will give parents as much notice as possible.

Given some of the symptomatic children won’t test positive (children just get snotty), how many children will you quarantine in your shared isolation facility? How are you managing the risk that you could be increasing transmission rates between bubbles through collectively isolating children in a shared facility?
We will not collectively isolate the children as isolation is for one child at a time. We will find alternative space if there is more than one child that needs isolating at the same time.

Where a child has a prescribed inhaler, do they have to take this with them each day or can it remain at school?
If a child requires an inhaler or has any other medical conditions, we will ask you to complete a Health Care Plan which will be kept in school. If you have indicated on your forms you’re your child falls into one of these categories, the forms will be sent out to you next week. Parents who have identified that their child requires an inhaler and have completed a Health Care plan will need to ask their GP to provide an additional inhaler which will be kept in school and in child’s classroom.


I was wondering about the curriculum - will we be given more information about it and expectations/how we can support throughout the year?
Yes – during ‘usual’ times we provide several Workshops for parents in the first half term to inform them how we teach Reading/Writing and Maths and how you can support your children. As we cannot do Face to face events then we will arrange some virtual meetings for parents.  For the first few weeks due to COVID and the fact that many of the children will not have attended any Nursery or Pre-school settings since March we feel that for the first few weeks in school it will be a time for settling the children emotionally and socially into a new setting and with many new peers.


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