Our Team 2022-2023

Senior Management

Mrs L Dooley - Principal

Mr S Shaw - Head of School

Mrs C Jones - Deputy Headteacher / KS2 Lead / Pupil Premium Lead


Middle Management 

Mr R White - Maths Lead

Mr J Burke - English Lead

Mrs J Harvey - Foundation Subject Lead

Miss M Wortley - Key Stage One Lead / Reading Lead


Teaching Staff

Miss B Shallcross -  Class R1

Miss J Atkinson - Class R2

Miss E Cooke - Class 1C

Mrs C Parker - Class 1P

Miss A Marr - Class 2M

Miss M Wortley - Class 2W

Miss A Manfredi - Class 3M

Mr I Tebb - Class 3T

Mrs C Jones - Class 4J

Miss L Zwanepoel - Class 5Z

Mr D Bevan - Class 5B

Mrs J Harvey - Class 5H

Mr J Burke - Class 6B

Mr R White- Class 6W

Ms S Berger - Year 6 Teacher

Ms S Bacon - Home-School Liaison, SENDCO and Mental Health Lead.

Mrs M Cook - EYFS and Cover Teacher

Mr A Jenkins - Cover Teacher

Mrs H Pratt - Cover Teacher (English Hub)

Mrs K Webb - MFL Teacher


Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Priest

Mrs C Roberts

Mrs R Chapman

Mrs A Shepherd

Mrs H White

Miss K Gillibrand

Miss H Little

Miss L Britland

Mrs E Heino

Ms D Hubbard 



Lunchtime Staff

Mrs S Tassell

Ms J Wiles

Mrs A Shepherd

Mrs H White

Miss K Gillibrand

Mrs N Garcha

Miss H Little

Ms D Hubbard

Mrs E Heino 

Miss L Britland 


Office Staff

Mr M Beanland - School Business Manager

Mrs D Jones - Admin / Library / First Aid

Mrs N Oakes - Admin / Finance 


Premises Staff

Mr B Shaw - Caretaker

Ms J Wiles - Cleaner

Cobwebs Cleaning


IT Support


After School Club Team

Mrs S Priest - Team Leader

Ms J Wiles

Mrs Garcha

Miss K Gillibrand

Miss H Little

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