Starting School

Starting school is a big step for children and their parents. At Lacey Green Primary Academy, we ensure that all new starters are given the opportunity to visit the school during the term before they start for a  morning and afternoon sessions.

There are many practical ways in which you can help your child before starting school. These include:

  • Talking to your child in a positive way about school in general, and what to expect.
  • Making sure that your child knows what his or her belongings look like (lunchboxes, clothing etc) and making sure that they are clearly named.
  • Arranging for them to attend a nursery or pre-school so that they have experienced being away from their main carer.
  • Ensuring that your child speaks in full sentences and can ask for things appropriately.
  • Being able to ask for and use the toilet on their own.
  • Teaching them to use a knife and fork.
  • Encouraging them to talk about their experiences.
  • Providing opportunities for your child to play with other children, playing turn taking games and encouraging them to share.
  • Reading to your child regularly. Children who have been read to develop their own reading and writing skills faster and better.

Many of the teething problems which can occur when settling into school can be avoided by teaching your child how to do tasks independently. The children will have PE at least three times a week so it is important that your child can undress and dress themselves.
We would not recommend pinafore dresses or lace-up shoes until your child can easily do them themselves.
All children in Reception will be set appropriate homework tasks and have books to take home. The homework tasks are set for you and your child to do together. This home/school partnership is very important for the child's development.
All admissions  must be made through Cheshire East LEA.