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Here at Lacey Green Primary Academy we are always striving to find new ways to foster digital literacy skills in all of our pupils. We are pleased to state that after a very successful trial, we now use Google Classroom with all year groups for both school based activities and for homework. By using Google Classroom, we are able to manage and monitor homework for all pupils more efficiently. For our pupils, becoming familiar with an online learning platform from a young age will help them to adapt and be successful with similar technologies as they progress through their education and beyond. In addition, Google Classroom is naturally paperless and children can be more engaged in their homework as they are completing it in digital form.


Google Classroom can be accessed from any mobile device or computer with the log in details and class code provided by your child’s class teacher. Although your child’s log in may appear to be an email address, the functions of it are limited to the school based activities that are set. You can access Google Classroom either by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store, or by visiting on any internet browser.


If you use the app, your device may send you notifications, such as when your child’s class teacher has commented on your child’s work. You will also be invited to receive weekly updates via email to the accounts on record at school. If you have multiple children in school using the same device, please encourage them to check that they are logged in before completing any work and that they have signed out when they have submitted their work.


Finally, in the unfortunate event of your child being asked to isolate at home due to COVID or the school returns to lockdown, Google Classroom will be used as the main platform for teaching lessons and other activities for your child to complete at home.


A number of help files and videos are attached to the bottom of this page but if you still have any difficulties in accessing your child’s Google Classroom, please use the following email address and we will endeavour to resolve them as soon as possible.



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