Art contributes greatly to the life of the school. Children are able to express themselves using sketchbooks to produce creative works of art. We currently hold the Artsmark Gold award.  In addition, Lacey Green take great pride in our displays which illustrate our fantastic work. Have a look at these pictures! 


How is Art taught at Lacey Green? 

Lacey Green follows the National Curriculum as a basis for planning. Please download our 7 year curriculm overview at the bottom of this page.

In EYFS and Key Stage One the children are taught by the class teacher, whereas in Key Stage Two pupils are taught by Mrs Chapman, our Specialist Art Teacher. The lessons cover all aspects of the National Curriculum.

The pupils research different artists and learn about their artwork, all work in documented in their sketchbook. In the Autumn Term, Key Stage One look at a variety of pieces including Pop Art and Nature Sculptures. Next, children explore colour and in Summer Term pupils research Miro and Lowry. 


In Key Stage 2 children produce Art Journal. The journals are a visual, and sometimes verbal record of their thoughts, ideas and research. A variety of imaginable style, media and technique is used to help them in their work. Pupils explore the colour theory, drawing techniques, including 3D art and different types of art media.


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