Computing is taught directly as a discrete subject but is used in all other lessons to develop confidence, gain skills and maximise learning potential. During computing lessons the children develop their computing skills through fun, interesting topics which bring computing to life. They will expand their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live by using IT in a variety of ways including text, symbols, sound, graphics, photographs, music and coding. We use our iPads to help support the teaching of basic computer programming and coding. The children are encouraged to communicate ideas and information in a variety of forms, where appropriate, using equipment and computer software to enhance their learning.

The development of the skills for computing is a central aspect of our whole school curriculum. From the Foundation Stage, the children are given a wide variety of opportunities to use IT on a regular basis and develop skills to use it as a tool for learning and a means of communication. Children use IT to find, explore, analyse and present information responsibly and creatively. We keep pace with changing needs and now have a fully up to date Computing Curriculum which develops many of the current trends. Every classroom has one Internet linked computer with a SmartBoard screen attached to enhance the whole learning experience. All our staff are fully trained in using them to their full potential. We have a large range of IT equipment from laptops, chromebooks and iPads which are used by all age groups. These allow the pupils to work in a cross-curricular manner to develop their skills and are used on a daily basis.

Children follow a structured, skills-based developmental scheme of work called Switched On Computing and apply knowledge and skills learnt across the rest of the curriculum in all subjects.

The school has this website which is used throughout the school to consolidate the link between home and school learning. Every child, parent and teacher has access to the website 24 hours a day. It is used as our main form of communication. We are also on twitter @laceygreenpa.

We are particularly conscious of our responsibilities regarding child safety and protection issues and insist on all parents signing a Internet Code of Conduct (E Safety) and a Photograph/Video parental consent form. E Safety guidance is available in the parents section of the website. All children are taught about Internet safety in lessons, assemblies and PSHE. The school network is fully monitored by Securus Software and our own filtering service called the bottlerocket to keep both adults and children safe.

Work within Computing has three main strands: a computer science strand which generally involves programming and coding, an information technology strand where pupils create programs and content, and a digital literacy strand which aims to prepare pupils with the skills they need in a digital world.

We constantly strive and recognise the need for reviewing and updating our hardware and software in order to keep up with new technological advances. Computing is recognised as a key learning and teaching tool for all within the learning community.

Our Computing Vision for this year and beyond...

Computing is very important at Lacey Green Primary Academy. We have our Vision for both children and staff.

1) Explore the impact of new technologies and embed IT into on-going whole school development  

2) Enrich current and future IT experiences for all users throughout the curriculum.

3) To allow all users to discover IT and to enable them to learn in ways best suited to their individual needs.

4) For children and staff to be confident, independent and knowledgeable about computing within the curriculum.

5) To make the users experience as safe as possible by safeguarding them from inappropriate materials by raising awareness and monitoring.



…One Giant Leap for Lacey Green!

All of our Year 6 children have created a computer program that has now officially been run on the International Space Station as we took part in the Astro Pi Mission Zero.

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