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Design Technology connects with a variety of other subject areas at Lacey Green Primary Academy, and allows pupils to make real life links between their work and the work of engineers, architects, and designers.  Design Technology compliments subjects such as Art and Design, Science, and IT.  Work often connects with on-going topics in these areas which allow pupils to understand the importance of designing and making in everyday life.  It allows them to become aware of how technology is all around us and how technology advances. 

Pupils are encouraged to investigate, plan, adapt and evaluate their work while working on their own, in pairs and small groups.  This develops their co-operation and understanding of how people have differing areas of strength and expertise.  Pupils gain an understanding of materials, structures, mechanisms and controls whilst thinking about what the product will be used for and the needs of those who use them.  They learn how to safely use a variety of tools under supervision to create quality items.

How is Design and Technology taught at Lacey Green Primary Academy?

  • At Lacey Green Primary Academy we use the National Curriculum as the basis for its curriculum planning in Design and Technology. 
  • Each year group has an overview of the aspects of Design Technology to be taught in our theme weeks.
  • Themes of work are planned which provide quality skill delivery and focused practical work leading to application within a relevant real life context.
  • Design and Technology will be taught during our three annual theme weeks. (Please see the Curriculum Overview below)

Design and Technology in the Early Years Foundation Stage

We encourage the development of skills, knowledge and understanding which helps Reception children make sense of their world as an integral part of the school’s work. As the reception classes are part of the Foundation Stage, we relate the development of the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world to the objectives set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage document. These underpin the curriculum planning for children aged three to five. This learning forms the foundations for later work in Design and Technology. These early experiences include asking questions about how things work, investigating and using a variety of construction kits, materials, tools and products, developing making skills and handling appropriate tools and construction materials safely and with increasing control.

We provide a range of experiences that encourage exploration, observation, problem solving, critical thinking and discussion. These activities, indoors and outdoors, attract the children’s interest and curiosity.

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