All maths taught in school aims to help our learners to achieve confidence in their ability to understand and perform mathematical tasks. Opportunities exist at all stages for children to explore situations and carry out investigations in oral, mental and practical ways. 
All children take part in a structured daily mathematics lesson which allows them to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts through practical work with apparatus which then leads to recording formally and informally.  We use the White Rose curriculum structure using methods of incremental and systematic learning that allows all children to become confident and fluent mathematicians. (The Yearly Curriculum Maps can be download at the bottom this page) All children move through the curriculum at broadly the same pace through clear and well planned adaptive teaching and our approach includes a great emphasis on the mastery of concepts and developing the ability to reason mathematically and solve problems.
Lacey Green Primary Academy aims to provide a positive attitude towards the acquisition of numerical skills, confidence to tackle mathematical challenges as well as the awareness of the need to apply this in everyday life. Our aim is to develop children's ability to think clearly and logically when tackling problems and help them to be resilient when using and applying their mathematical skills in a variety of situations. 

Mutiplication tables and number fluency are given high emphasis and these concepts are taught in a variety of methods to suit the individual child. The ability to recall multiplication tables and the related division facts at speed allows children to tackle advanced mathematics with greater confidence. We encourage our pupils to use the Times Tables Rock Stars app regularly to help them retain this essential knowledge.

Mathematics provides a way of viewing and making sense of the world. It is used to analyse and communicate information and ideas and to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems.

We aim to enable our learners to develop a positive and confident attitude to mathematics, an ability to think clearly and logically, and to gain an understanding of mathematics through the formation of secure concepts based on:

  • Appropriate practical activities.

  • The process of enquiry and investigation.

  • Mathematical skills and knowledge and a quick recall of basic facts. 

  • An ability to identify patterns and relationships in mathematics.

  • An awareness of the uses and applications of mathematics in everyday situations.

  • The ability to express ideas concisely using accurate mathematical language.

  • The ability to select and use a range of mathematical tools.

  • An enjoyment of mathematics for its own sake.


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