Our school offers a comprehensive geography program spanning various topics across different stages of education. In Key Stages One and Two our curriculum is aligned with the National Curriculum's objectives.


For our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), we adhere to the Statutory Framework, integrating our curriculum with class topics that seamlessly transition into Key Stages One and Two. Our ultimate goal is to equip our students with a strong foundation of enduring knowledge and skills, preparing them for secondary education and the dynamic challenges of the modern world.


Our curriculum intent is firmly in line with the UK Geography National Curriculum and is built upon the following principles:


  1. Broadening Horizons: Our geography curriculum encourages students to explore and understand the world at various scales, from local to global.


  1. Environmental Stewardship: We are dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability within our curriculum.


  1. Developing Critical Thinkers: Geography goes beyond rote memorisation; it fosters critical thinking skills. We nurture students' abilities to analyse, evaluate, and combine information, enabling them to make informed decisions and engage in meaningful discussions about complex global challenges.


  1. Embracing Diversity: Our curriculum fosters an appreciation for the diversity of human cultures, societies, and landscapes worldwide.


Curriculum Implementation:


  1. Substantive Knowledge: Our geography curriculum encompasses a wide range of substantive knowledge, organised into key themes, such as locational knowledge, place knowledge, physical geography, human geography, and essential geographical skills like map reading, data analysis, and fieldwork techniques.


  1. Disciplinary Knowledge: Students gain an understanding of how geographical knowledge originates and how to be a geographer.


  1. Enquiry-Based Learning: Our curriculum is structured around engaging enquiry questions that prompt students to investigate, analyse, and synthesise information.


  1. Fieldwork and Practical Experiences: We firmly believe that practical experiences are integral to geography learning. Students have the opportunity to engage in fieldwork, applying classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios and developing essential geographical skills.


Our geography curriculum mirrors our school's commitment to academic excellence and prepares our students to be responsible, knowledgeable, and globally aware citizens. We take pride in offering a geography education that equips students to navigate an ever-changing world with confidence and competence.


As per the Department for Education's National Curriculum in England (2014), "A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives."


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