At Lacey Green Primary Academy, History is taught in all year groups each term.  We follow the Rising Stars History curriculum, which complements the Rising Stars Geography curriculum which we also deliver.  This curriculum provides the children with 18 half-termly units which are taught in alternating half terms with the Geography curriculum.

These units are carefully designed to ensure that the pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain's history, our locality here at Lacey Green and the history of the wider world. 

Using this curriculum we aim to help the children made explicit links a between the different areas of historical knoweldge and understanding that the children are developing.  We also do our best to ensure that, as the children progress through our curriculum, they begin to develop the skills and knoweldge and understanding required to make these connections themselves. 

The curriculum at Lacey Green offers complete coverage of the National Curriculum Programme of Study for History (2014).

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