Curriculum Intent:

At Lacey Green Primary Academy, our history curriculum is designed with a clear intent to ignite curiosity, foster a deep understanding of the past and develop critical thinking skills in our pupils.  Our Curriculum aims to:

  1. Inspire Inquisitive Minds: We believe that history should be a fascinating journey through time. Our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity in students, encouraging them to ask questions and explore the past.
  2. Promote Cultural Awareness: We strive to cultivate an appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives.  Our history curriculum includes a wide range of historical events and figures from various parts of the world.
  3. Develop Critical Thinkers: We emphasise the development of critical thinking skills, such as analysing evidence, evaluating sources and forming well-reasoned arguments.  These skills are essential for our student’s future success.
  4. Connect with Past and Present: We emphasise the relevance of history in today’s world.  Students learn how historical events have shaped the present and how they can make well informed decisions for the future.

Curriculum Implementation

Our history curriculum is implemented through a variety of engaging and interactive methods:

  1. Enquiry based learning: Our history units are structured around a series of enquiries. Each unit is built around a central topic question and the lessons within each unit ask further questions allowing the children to analyse and evaluate the evidence, apply their growing understanding to the topic questions and build on the knowledge acquired in prior lessons.  
  2. Hands-on Learning: We believe that history is best learned through active engagement.  Where appropriate, students participate in museum visits, handle historical sources and take part in reenactments to make history come alive.
  3. Cross-Curricular Connections: History is integrated into other subjects allowing the children to make links between subjects and curriculum areas building a rich understanding of the world around them and their place in it.
  4. Digital Resources: We utilize technology to enhance learning. Students have access to VR headsets allowing them to explore historical settings and interact with a artefacts.
  5. Assessment for Learning: We use a range of assessment methods including weekly mini assessments and class based discussions to gauge student progress and adapt our teaching accordingly.  This ensures that every student is supported in their historical journey.

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