Moving On

Most of our Year Six pupils transfer to Wilmslow High School. It is imperative that places are applied for as soon as you receive the application forms from the Local Authority as the school is always over subscribed.
Currently, children who do not live within the High School's catchment area are very unlikely to be offered a place even if their older brothers and sisters attend. Please discuss any concerns with the LA as individual schools cannot make decisions about their own admissions.
Cheshire East admissions information can be found here.
Cheshire East Council
School Admissions Service
Tel: 0845 1110 304
Fax: 01270 686491
Parents are free to send their children to any school they wish. In recent years, some of our Year 6 children have transferred to other High schools in Cheshire East or to the Independent sector. During the last few years children have transferred to

  • Manchester Grammar School for Boys
  • Altrincham Grammar School for Boys.
  • Withington Girls’ School
  • The King's School Macclesfield
  • Stockport Grammar School
Please get in touch
Lacey Green Primary Academy
Barlow Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 4DP

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