2F’s Residential Trip to Petty Pool (Day 2)

Class: 2F Year: 2023 - 2024

We were up early this morning, excited for our second day at Petty Pool. We packed and tidied our rooms, and stripped our beds too ... all before 8 o'clock! Then it was time for breakfast! We had cereal, toast and a full English breakfast too! Once we had tidied away all of our breakfast things and wiped down all the tables, it was time to prepare our lunch ready for later. We had a choice or ham, tuna or jam sandwiches. (Jam was a popular choice of course!). 
Once all of our lunch was prepared and in the fridge we got back into our waterproofs (just in case) and got ready for our final activities. In our activity groups we enjoyed either archery, crate stack or climbing. We all challenged ourselves to climb a little bit higher! It was so lovely to see the children encouraging their friends. After a quick custard cream break, we all went to the woods for den building! 

After a busy morning, it was time for lunch! They were very tasty (if we do say so ourselves). We then loaded up the coach, went to the souvenir shop and had a final reflection with our group leader Alan! 

The coach journey back home was a little quieter than on the way there... 

A fantastic trip away at Petty Pool. The children have been amazing and shown such wonderful enthusiasm for everything and all the activities! They have learnt so much and practised so many skills, including independence, resilience, teamwork and shown such bravery when trying new things. We are all very proud of them. Well done Year 2!  

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