Class 4J - World Food Tasting

Lesson: Personal, Social and Emotional Education

Class: 4J Year: 2023 - 2024

Class 4J - Personal Development 

During our final lesson of our Personal Development topic, ' Food and Nutrition', the children had an exciting food tasting session. The children started off with local Staffordshire oatcakes and Matzo crackers, then tried some Spanish olives, Polish kabanos and Greek feta cheese. Continuing their world food tasting journey, the children also tasted a sample of watermelon from Africa, prawn crackers from Asia, persimmon, biryani and kebabs as well as plaintain chips from the Americas and Jamaican sasparilka squash.

The children were very brave and tried each sample. Some of the foods above were a hit whereas some children decided never to touch the food ever again! The children were asked to describe the food, rate them and discuss their preferences! A super afternoon!


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