Investigating Woodlouse Habitats

Lesson: Science

Recently in Science we have been looking at Habitats. To finish off this project we investigated which of the four rooms in a choice chamber woodlice most like to live in. We poured dry soil onto one side of a shoe box and damp soil onto the other side. In addition to this we also cut the lid to one of the shoeboxes in half. This created four chambers:

  1. a dark and damp chamber,
  2. a dark and dry chamber,
  3. a light and damp chamber,
  4. a light and dry chamber.

We then spent some time outside collecting woodlice from the gardens, the adventure playground and the infant playground.

Back inside the children got on writing up there investigation letting the woodlice settle into their new temporary environment, predicting what chamber would be the most popular and briefly explaining how they would go about completing this investigation.

After a while we took the lids off the shoeboxes and tallied up as a class how many woodlice were in each choice chamber.

This was a fantastic way to end our Science this year, a subject which all the children have enjoyed immensely. 

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