Our Gallery

The Hole, by Mrs Trasler

School Parliament, by Mrs Harvey

Rounding, by Mrs Harvey

Hockey, by Miss Edwards

Our Five Senses, by Mrs Trasler

Our Senses, by Miss Rowark

PE - Dance, by Miss Roberts

28.9.23 Absorbency, by Miss Roberts

Bronze Age, by Mr Tebb

Bronze Age, by Mr Tebb

Science investigation!, by Miss Lawden

Class 2R Land art, by Mrs Cook

Class 2F Land art, by Mrs Cook

Skeletons in Year 3, by Miss Zwanepoel

Class 4J- Writing, by Mrs Jones

Class 4J - Steps to Read, by Mrs Jones

A very productive week!, by Miss Rowark

PE in R1, by Miss Rowark

Fine Motor Skills, by Mrs Trasler

Matching and Sorting, by Mrs Trasler

PE, by Mr Tebb

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